CIBC - Channel Islands Boating Center

The Channel Islands Boating Center (CIBC) opened in April 2013. The CIBC provides educational and recreational opportunities for youth and adults of Ventura County, CSU Channel Islands community and others from around the State. While the main focus of the Center is to teach boating skills and support boaters, the CIBC also provides other educational resources on the local marine environment.

The CSU Channel Islands Boating Center is housed in the Division of Student Affairs at California State University Channel Islands. Our Division and staff within the Division, including the CIBC staff have the following message:

“The Division of Student Affairs at California State University Channel Islands stands with Black people and affirms that ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER, and we believe that it is our collective responsibility to reject anti-Blackness rhetoric and all forms of explicit and implicit racism in our society. This is both an internal and external process, where we have to challenge ourselves, our communities, and systematic racism to secure our collective co-liberation. With this in mind, we share this Racial Healing & Educational Resource Guide to help us along this movement towards social justice.”

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