School and Youth Group Programs

InstructionThe CIBC is available for day trips or multi-day contracts with schools and youth groups. The CIBC can provide on the water activities and/or provide land-based education. The on the water experience uses our vessels to provide participants a first-hand experience with marine education, how to properly navigate the traffic in the marina, and learn general safe boating practices.

The land-based education allows groups to learn interactively about conservation efforts, marine sanctuaries, marine science education, STEM and ocean literacy, nautical education, mapping, and safe boating education. Please contact the CIBC to learn more details regarding these wonderful opportunities for schools or youth groups.

Below is a list of our school and youth group programming partnerships

  1. Oxnard School District RJ Frank Academy of Marine Science and Engineering
  2. Inspire Charter
  3. B-Wet with Oxnard High School
  4. The Language Academy
  5. Boys & Girls Club
  6. CSU Bakersfield
  7. Ventura College
  8. Girl Scouts
  9. MERITO Foundation
  10. Port Hueneme High School
  11. One Voice